The new generation next™ railcar

We are proud to bring our DOT 117 cars to the market in light of the new regulations from the DOT. Replacing the DOT 111 and the CPC 1232 designs, our Generation Next™ tank cars include key safety improvements that meet all new regulation standards.

The DOT 117’s safety improvements include:

  • Full-height half-inch thick head shield
  • Tank shield thickness increased from 9/16 inch minimum TC-128
  • Grade B, normalized steel
  • and more

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Vertex Railcar Technology

Vertex Railcar Corporation located in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina serves booming domestic and foreign energy markets. VRC’s Generation Next™ tank car meets new DOT 117 government regulations and will serve the industries of crude oil and ethanol transportation. Vertex offers two variations of the Generation Next™ tank car; a 30,000 nominal gallon thermal lined tank car, and a 28,000 nominal gallon coiled and insulated thermal lined tank car.

Vertex Railcar Corporation is also in the manufacturing of covered hopper cars. Vertex currently has a 3,285 cubic foot two bay hopper for the transportation of sand and cement.

Vertex Railcar Corporation is currently working on designs that include a 5,200 cubic foot covered grain hopper, and a 33,500 gallon LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) tank car.

We aim to build railcars with the highest possible quality, safety and efficiency standards, while maintaining our individual, departmental, and organizational goals. This is how we are able to move forward as a growing business in a flourishing market.

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