Vertex Railcar Corporation

With rail and port access at our newest manufacturing facility located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Vertex Railcar Corporation is serving the booming U.S. energy market with its approved GP 31,800 gallon oil tank railcar design. Approvals are forthcoming on our 30,000 gallon Generation Next™ new regulatory design requirement, thermally insulated and jacketed car, a 28,000 gallon Generation Next fully coiled and insulated car, and a 3,285 cubic foot dual-gate, covered hopper car as well. More railcar designs are also currently being developed.

We aim to build railcars with the highest possible quality, safety and efficiency standards, while maintaining our individual, departmental, and organizational goals. This is how we are able to move forward as a growing business in a flourishing market.


We specially design smaller covered hopper cars to large 31,800 gallon oil tank railcars. Learn More about our railcars and what will work best for you.


We have over 1300 positions we’re looking to fill. Browse our current positions or apply now!

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