Business Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy

Vertex Railcar Corporation is committed to excellence in our company's performance, as well as in our personal and professional responsibilities to help our teammates, their families and our communities. Simply put, our core philosophy is "Be Good, Do Good”.

Vertex Fast Facts

We are the first new large-sized railcar manufacturer in 82 years, where there are only six main competitors in the industry.

Be Good.

Vertex is responsible to our organization, our departments and our teammates to excel at what we do. We work for the best possible quality, safety, efficiency and retention levels. We strive for lofty — often difficult —goals at the individual, departmental and organizational levels as we remain focused on keeping the company moving forward, growing and thriving.

Do Good.

All of us work to not only be good individuals and teammates, but to also create a global company that is the standard by which all others are judged. We work to support and improve the lives of our fellow teammates, their families and our communities. We create a positive and supportive work environment where attitude and compassion are valued as much as aptitude. Through real effort and investment, we actively contribute to each other's current and future well-being. Through policies and programs, we invest our time and money to foster meaningful and long-lasting positive changes in the lives of our teammates at work and at home.